Wickedly Welsh Mint Crunch Bar

This chocolate bar provides all the texture and all the taste. This iconic flavoured chocolate bar is so good it’s no surprise it’s an award winner. The perfect tasty treat for tucking into yourself, or treating a friend, family or colleague to. We know we can’t say no when this bar is around, it’s such a moreish medley of Wickedly good flavours.

The Wicked Team Says:

"Our Mint Crunch in Devilishly Dark Chocolate is one we are truly proud of. Carefully handcrafted and the perfect mix of sweet and rich with a refreshing minty kick. Our creamy mint mixture is delicately hand-piped into our Devilishly Dark Chocolate, with added little bits of crunch which make this bar the perfect munch! This mouth watering mint creation is sure to have you saying ‘Mmmmm’. Not just for after dinner, this is one to be enjoyed by everyone at all hours.

All of our chocolate is lovingly handmade by our team of chocolatiers in Wales. We’re a small - but strong - family-run business who are truly passionate about all things chocolate. That’s why so much time, love and thought goes into each and every bar. We love creating unique, flavoursome tastes just like this Mint Crunch bar.

All of our packaging is either compostable or recyclable, meaning no waste left behind! Not only this, but all of our chocolate is also sustainably sourced. Also all ingredients are sourced locally where possible. It would be silly not to with all these delicious Welsh ingredients right on the doorstep!"


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