*Shakespeare Rhubarb Gin & Luxury Handmade Chocolates

A lovely treat or gift for anyone that loves Gin and/or Chocolate :)

Our gift box contains:
~A beautiful 40g box of handmade Salted caramel chocolate hearts by Cocoa Michelle our local chocolatier of choice, Michelle lovingly makes all of her creations in small batches to create sumptuous delights!
Four decorated hearts filled with caramel and a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt.

~ A Bottle of Shakespeare Rhubarb Gin..
Shakespeare Distillery is an artisan spirit producer, established in 2015. Everything they produce is in small handcrafted batches, ensuring they can devote their time and attention to creating the best tasting spirits around.
Rhubarb, commonly used to cure ailments in Tudor times, has since become a British favourite. They press the fruit to extract the Rhubarb juice and blend it with their award-winning Stratford Dry Gin to produce a deliciously sweet and tangy gin.
Rhubarb Gin is delicious served with lime and Ginger Ale, or alternatively try with Aromatic Tonic.


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