Handmade Welsh Chocolate & Royal Welsh Crystal Tumbler Gift Hamper

Wickedly Welsh Rum & Raisin Chocolate and Tumbler Gift Set

A truly traditional favourite. Their amazing rum and raisin in Devilishly Dark Chocolate is packed full of Wickedly punchy flavour. Handcrafted by their expert chocolatiers using sustainably sourced ingredients from bean to bar.

Centuries old handcrafting skills are used in the Welsh Royal Crystal glass making workshops. All crystal pieces are individually mouth blown and hand cut, thus capturing the clarity, brilliance and sharpness of cut associated with quality crystal ware. The most stringent quality standards are applied to ensure that only the finest quality is stamped with the Welsh Royal Crystal assay mark - the traditional Welsh Dragon stamp represents a symbol of quality.


Set comprises of  & a Royal Welsh Crystal Cut Glass Tumbler


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