Artisan Gin Taster Luxury Selection from the Welsh Marches

This is a perfect hamper to try 7 different flavoured gins from three local makers. All are artisan handmade in small batches which acheive the best possible quality & flavour!
A lovely gift or sampler set for yourself!

You can choose from a recyclable kraft hamper box or a black re-useable wicker hamper basket.

Set contains miniatures of:
Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin
Penrhos Rhubarb Gin
Sly Pink Grapefruit Gin
Sly Lemon Verbena Gin
Ludlow Spiced Gin
Ludlow Hibiscus, Orange & Pink Peppercorn Gin

A Little history of our Local Gin Makers...
The Herefordshire Marches is a magical place, a natural border between England and Wales steeped in so much history it is impossible not to feel the spirit of this land in the countryside we tread and the people we meet.
For generations we have farmed this land and now we have captured these natural elements in every sense. Carefully grown and hand-picked ingredients that celebrate our provenance and stimulate our senses. Every element of our process has a purpose and a passion, magically distilled into nature’s own essence.

After a long career as a freelance Software Engineer Duncan Fox hung up his keyboard and combined his engineering skills and love of chemistry with his wife's knowledge and passion for herbs and all things botanical.

The result is Haven Distillery; a true artisan small-batch distillery nestled in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside. Possibly one of the smallest distilleries you will find!

Handcrafted in our copper stills Joy, Felicity, Edward and Richard My sister-in-law, always sharp and very perceptive, handed me a little snifter after our meal – some apple brandy made by a neighbour, who’d just launched a small distillery. A smile and four words followed: ‘You could do this…’. I laughed, enjoyed the warming apple glow and thought no further. The next day, I went for a bracing run – always good to clear the head, it’s where I do my best thinking. I passed a gin distillery, and ‘ping’ – on came the light: ‘No one has made a Ludlow gin, now there’s a challenge.’