Feline Fine Sweet Things Hamper just for Kids!

Looking for a different children's birthday treat?...

Has you child been very good and worked hard throughout lockdown?

Well here is something a little different for them ~ we have put together a treat hamper just for kids!


~ A fun "Feline Fine" Cat Design Upside Down Mug which can either be used and an ornament when turned upside down or a mug when turned over.

~ A Yummy Cocoa Michelle handmade Gold hot chocolate bomb

~ A Cocoa Michelle Giant Marshmallow Lollipop thickly coated in white chocolate. Can be eaten as a lollipop or used as a hot chocolate stirrer

~ A Marvellous Mixes Cookie cone. A bake at home treat, all of the dry ingredients are provided. This is a fun an easy way of baking together with very tasty results too :)

Presented in a Recyclable Kraft Card Hamper Box (Also re-useable for art projects or play!)


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