Dyfi Three Bottle Generation Gin Lovers Selection

Perfect for the Gin Lover!.... In 2017 Dyfi Pollination Gin won the Best British Gin trophy at the Great British Food awards, and Dyfi Hibernation Gin was awarded Best New Gin by The Independent. In 2018, Dyfi Original again took the Best British Gin trophy, making Dyfi the only distillery to win this for a second time!

Dyfi Original 500ml: Locally foraged botanicals such as bog myrtle (sweet gale) and Scot’s pine tips, combined with the finest juniper, coriander and organic unwaxed lemon peel (and other ingredients) to produce a gin with is rich, yet very smooth.

Dyfi Pollination Gin 500ml: The foraged botanicals come from within the Biosphere reserve: from the Snowdonia foothills, through the Dyfi Forest, and down to the estuary marshlands, including wild flowers, aromatic leaves, fruits and conifer tips.

Dyfi Hibernation Gin 500ml: The botanicals foraged for Hibernation Gin are influenced by the wild fruit harvest. They include wild crab apples, blackberries, and bilberries.


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